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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Chapter 2: Beyond the Frontier

You stand up and make a break for the entrance.  As you move through the cave, you notice many more people in the cave with you.  Your first guess estimates them to be about 50 in number.  Some remain seated watching shadows on the wall, attempting to understand what the shadows are.  You see your shadow move across the wall in front of them.  Others are closer to the entrance talking to each other, while still others are closer to the back of the cave.

Self:  Why am I in a cave?

The Force:  The cave is yours.  It is a place where an undesired situation has the least chance of occurring.  You can be alone in the cave, in your designated area, or interact with others.  Once you leave the cave, you will experience things as they are.  Some situations will be undesired.

Self:  I don’t like caves.

The Force:  Given that, it is logical that you you the SOP of leaving a cave to create a situation in which you are not inside a cave, and most logical that you are doing it now.  By informing The Force that you do not like caves helps to change the situation for those that come after you.  Perhaps, if you become powerful enough, you can change the entry point for this world.  Understand that everything you do will shape The Living Force.

As you move closer to the entrance, you are stopped by a person and given a backpack.  It is heavy. 

Person:  Do you know how to identify a Peace Corps Volunteer?... They always have a backpack.

You resume your run toward the entrance, now carrying your backpack on your back.  Stepping outside the cave you see.

(Several people with backpacks are standing outside the cave.  Some are talking to each other and some others are moving off into the distance.  You see many other people, without backpacks, performing tasks similar to to the people you would see on the streets in The U.S., but there is something strange about the way they are doing them.  

There are roads leading North, South, East and West as well as several well-traveled paths that crisscross in multiple directions.  There are cows, goats, chickens, dogs and donkeys wandering throughout the lands around you.

You hear a ringing coming from your backpack, and a person is walking towards you.)

What do you do?

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  1. I answer the phone. I can see there is a person walking towards me but am unaware who is on the phone so it peaks my curiosity.