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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Chapter 1: A Special Theory of Relativity

Now that you have been here for some time, what have you learned?  Have you learned that words and actions are meaningless without relating them to something, and that that something must be considered separate from you and common to all, in order to communicate your perception of things to others?  I say that it must be CONSIDERED separate because all things are related by a single unifying commonality that we call “The Force.”  

Here at The Academy, we teach you how things are done.  We teach you the common language and the standard operating procedures that can be used to develop desired situations.  As an individual, you can develop a finite number of situations using the standard operating procedures that you have learned at The Academy.  If you use the common language of The Force, you can coordinate your use of operating procedures with others.  Working with others increases the number of situations that can be created. However, that number remains finite.

Alex:  Why are we here?

We are here to learn and to build.

Margie:  To learn what and build what?

We are here to learn the common language of The Force, that we all share, and to build the situations that we know how to build.

John:  How do we decide what to build or create?

There are others that have come before you, and they have created situations.  You can alter the situations that they built, or build your own.  By learning about the piece of The Force that is inside you, that piece will lead you throughout your entire life.

Adam:  What do we do if we do not relate to The Force or to the standard operating procedures?

Those that came before you have created the situation that both The Force and standard operating procedures are included in the training at The Academy.  Some do not relate to The Force or The SOPs because those that have come before you were unable to develop s situation in which The Force can be related to all persons.  Using SOPs you can develop a situation in which The Force relates to you so that those that come after you can relate.  The relationship you have with The Force and with the SOPs will be different for each of us.  It follows that those that do not relate to the SOPs may develop a relationship with them in a similar way by using The Force.  The force and the SOPs relate to each other in this way.

You have completed your required training at the academy.  You have been given your host families and have experienced the planet for some time now.  You have created situations and have experienced created situations.  You have done this on your own, and now I will join you and create a relationship with you using the SOP for building a relationship, and it is up to you which way we go together.

Tracy:  Who are you?

I am the The Force that connects all things, and the SOP that creates.  I am those that came before and those that will come after.  I am you.

Corey:  How do we do something infinite?

You tell me.

Caitlin:  How did all this get started?

(Looking around, you see those that came with you sitting in a cave.  A light from outside is shining in to illuminate the entire cave.  It is as brightly lit inside the cave as it is outside.)

What do you do?

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  1. I walk outside of the cave. Or rather I run. I don't like caves. Why did you put me in a cave?!?!?!